My husband and i entered our relationship monogamous and honestly everything seemed amazing reddit

OK. My husband has been a porn addict since the age of five. When his 14 Year old brother started showing him porn. Yeah. Great older brother. My husband is 51 still watching porn, even at work all day. Masturbating up to 20 times a day to porn. I the wife have pretty much gone without for the last 11 years. We been married 18. He has lied.

Adults characterized as “dismissing of attachment” seemed unable or unwilling to take attachment issues seriously. They answered questions in a guarded way, without much elaboration, and often had trouble remembering their childhoods. They seemed to dislike and distrust looking inward. My husband and I enjoy every single one of them on a regular basis, and he gets to orgasm once in a blue moon and we are imminently aiming for permanent orgasm denial for him. In short, these tease and denial strategies work. In this guide you will discover: Awesome Tease #1 — The Slippery Stimulator Awesome Tease #2 — The Oral Mindblower. .

With that being said, I've been in your boyfriends shoes years ago where one of my exes tried to encourage me to mess around with other men because he wanted an open relationship. I think after a while he just "downgraded" me (for lack of a better term atm) to platonic friends because he sensed that I wasn't going to be down for that.

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Part I Many North Americans now practice serial polygamy rather than lifelong monogamy. And other cultures have different marriage practices. Not all value virginity; some cultures have or at least had, guest wives or loaned a husband to grieving widows or festivals where romping with non-spouses was accepted at that time as well as other cultural ways of people exploring the 'wandering. Prudie, I’ve been devastated by how unsupportive my friends have been. I asked them to publicize the small business on their social media and only a few did. This would’ve cost them nothing.

Jenny Block is your average girl next door, a suburban wife and mother for whom married life never felt quite right. She operates from the assumption that most couples who are curious about or engaged in open marriages are in fact more like hernormal people who question whether monogamy is right for them; good people who love their spouses but want variation; capable paren.

My husband Louis Ntritsos had moved from Greece to London to live with me — and this is when the cracks started to show. Up until then we had enjoyed a long-distance relationship for four years. But now we were arguing about everything from money to work and our sex life dwindled. I felt suffocated and missed the excitement you get from new love.

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